Publication Ethics

General provisions

When developing the provisions of the publication policy of the “Collected Scientific Papers of the Institute of Public Administration in the Sphere of Civil Protection”, the editorial board relies upon the COPE Code of Conduct issued by COPE (Committee of Publication ethics).

According to the mentioned above issues and in order to improve the quality of scientific articles and the authors, editors, peer reviewers and readers’ cooperation, the editorial board and all other parties support the following issues.

Editorial Ethics Responsibilities

The editorial board is responsible for the manuscripts publication. The manuscript quality and conformity are evaluated according to its scientific and intellectual content. The editor has the right to reject the article in case of a number of substantial reasons of plagiarism and the copyright violation.

The editor has no right to use the scientific research results without the authors’ permission even in case the article has not been published.

The editor is to maintain confidentiality of the information and ideas revealed in the scientific articles, not to use them to achieve personal objectives. In case of conflicting interests between the author and the reviewer, the editor leads the manuscript to another editorial board member.

The editor is to decide the appeal and objections concerning the scientific materials and takes measures to ensure the issue.

Reviewers Ethics Responsibilities

The reviewers of “Collected Scientific Papers of the Institute of Public Administration in the Sphere of Civil Protection” expertize the author’s text maintaining complete confidentiality, excluding any opportunity to transfer any scientific material to others to be informed or discussed.

All materials even not published are not be used by the reviewers to achieve personal objectives without the author’s written permission.

The reviewers are to give impartial and argumentative recommendations, to be unbiased and without personal criticism.

Authors’ Ethics Responsibilities

The authors submit their original manuscripts to the journal and have the responsibility of their data reliability and novelty. The contributors are obliged to follow citation rules and in case of using others’ data, they have to get the author’s written permission. Submission without regard to the set formal criteria is considered plagiarism, unethical and not acceptable.

The theoretical article can not be submitted simultaneously to other scientific journal. All co-authors are obliged to be refer to the current research.

The co-authors are regarded to be the ones who have contributed a lot and share the responsibilities for the database. The author who submits the manuscript text is responsible for including only the co-authors who correspond to the author’s criterion and carry responsibility for other article authors to its submission to the journal.